Pregnant Ladies Avoid First Trimester Scare by Staying Away from These Foods

Pregnant Ladies Avoid First Trimester Scare by Staying Away from These Foods

Pregnant ladies and especially on the first trimester get overly excited and may feel they are entitled to gain wait by eating everything they’ve desired all this while. It might prove to be dangerous if they do not understand what is good for them and what isn’t.

We’re told that a newly pregnant woman shouldn’t announce it until they’re past the first trimester, this is the most vulnerable stage and anything can happen. But even as they remain hush about it, they should also remember that what they eat will affect the safety of the pregnancy.

Below are the foods to avoid especially on the first trimester;

  • Processed meat

These include sausages, bacon, stuffed meat and any raw meat because it contains bacteria such as salmonella, toxoplasma gondii or listeria that can cause food poisoning and can be harmful to the baby. These bacteria can cause miscarriages, premature delivery or stillbirth. Eat well cooked meat if you have to.

  • Raw dairy products

Cheese, mozzarella and other milk products contain bacteria such as listeria which can be harmful to the baby.

  • Animal liver

Having it often during pregnancy is not advised. Liver contains vitamin A which is good, but when you take more than necessary, it can promote a gradual accumulation of retinol which can adversely affect the baby.

  • Carbs

The high cholesterol in carbs can be very dangerous. Consuming carbs can cause shrinkage of the uterus, leading to internal bleeding and a possible miscarriage. Enough said.

  • Aloe Vera

It is known to cause or induce contractions and pelvic bleeding which can lead to a possible miscarriage. This is because it contains anthraquinones, a laxative that causes the above.

  • Caffeine

Indulgence can be very dangerous. Caffeine can lead to a miscarriage or low birth weight. It is also dehydrating leading to fluid loss in the body. Avoid tea, coffee, chocolates and even energy drinks.

  • Papaya

Green papaya contains a laxative that induce labour and initiate a miscarriage. The seeds are rich in enzymes that cause contraction of the uterus, resulting to losing the baby.

  • Fish rich in Mercury

Fish is nutritious but not all fish is beneficial. Certain fish has a high Mercury content which may be harmful to the baby’s developing brain and nervous system. Avoid fish like tuna, sword fish, marlin, tilefish, orange rough or king mackerel.

  • Herbs

Avoid them entirely. They contain high levels of steroids which are harmful to the liver, resulting in severe jaundice and probable damage to the baby’s brain. They can also initiate miscarriage or premature delivery. Consult a doctor before consuming any.

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