Influencer Marketing is the Way to go in the Hotel industry

Influencer Marketing is the Way to go in the Hotel industry

With the billboard era coming to a slow end, social media has practically taken over with billions of people leaning on it for all they need to know about everything. As a result, influencer marketing is on the rise and is raking huge amounts of money.

With ad block also on the rise, the key to marketing success lies in adapting to changes in consumer purchasing behavior.

Influencers, when incorporated correctly, can bring huge business to your organization, with their huge following. You need to consider a lot before engaging an influencer; their moral standing, the nature of their followers should be the niche you are looking for, the organizations they have been a part of and the engagement rate.

Below are creative ways you can utilize influencers to promote your hotel business;

  • Give them the experience you want to sell

When engaging an influencer, let them experience your product or service first. That is the only way they can promote it with confidence. Involve them in the process of coming up with the idea, and make sure they understand all the facts because their followers will ask as many questions as possible.

  • Include them in all your shoots

When marketing your hotel, video shoots are part of the process, they attract potential clients. Instead of using celebrities who may not understand the product or service, use influencers, incorporate them in your footage.

Keep in mind that the script should be written with the influencers’ niche and style in mind.

  • Invite them to your events

Let them be seen at your events. Host these events and invite as many other influencers as possible to allow them to engage with your brand.

Partnering with influencers is a great way to reach new markets and showcase your brand in interesting ways. Choose the influencer(s) whose personal brands align with your message.


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