How Virtual Reality is Taking Over The Hotel Industry

How Virtual Reality is Taking Over The Hotel Industry

With the rising need for technology advancement in the hospitality industry, virtual reality has pushed technology beyond just video games and into the realm of customer and guest experience.

With VR being used for educational and entertainment purposes, it is clear that it is taking precedence in most places thus it is becoming popular in the hospitality industry as well.

How well virtual reality can replicate destinations has caught the eye of travel professionals, the fact that you can visit a destination virtually and experience every moment in the comfort of your sit makes it surreal.
Ways in which this technology can be put to use in the hotel industry include;

Virtual travel experiences
Using 360-degree video technology, the hospitality sector has been able to create virtual travel experiences. Users can now experience a virtual recreation of different aspects to travel, from the flight, to arrival and are able to see the sights as well.

Virtual hotel tours
This takes the guests round the room even before they arrive or even book. The videos are posted on the hotel websites.
This is a great selling point and motivator when the guests can view the room and go round the hotel even before they arrive.
For those without headsets, social media sites such as facebook provide 360 video technology.

Virtual booking process

Through a virtual reality headset, you can now book hotel reservations, flights and compare prices. This experience has been made more exciting to the guest.

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