Fee Policy



Item Price (Ksh)
Registration fee 2,000
Refundable caution money 2,000
Library fee and ICT 3,500
Internet Fee 2,000
Student welfare 1,500
Student ID 500
Maintenance fee 2,000
Insurance 750 per term
Practical fee for technical and ICT Students 10,000 per module
Internal examination fee 2,000
Project supervision fee 3,000
Field trip fee 2,000
Attachment fee 6,500


Zyara School of Hospitality has developed this policy in order to guide students and their sponsors on various aspects governing payment of fees. This policy may be amended by Zyara School of Hospitality from time to time as circumstances dictate. ZSH will inform all students and sponsors in case of such amendment.
Zyara School of Hospitality offers admission on the strength of an implied promise from the student and/or his/her sponsor that the student will take up the admission offer, and pay his/her fees for the full duration of the course.


Fees is determined by the overall operating expenses of ZSH, which are bound to change from time to time depending on the prevailing economic conditions. Accordingly, fees will be reviewed from time to time as economic conditions dictate.


The express or implied promise to pay fees is a prerequisite for admission or continuation in training of a student. Therefore, fees due are paid as invoiced and on or before the due date, unless specific written arrangements are made by the sponsor with ZSH. Payment of fees in instalment will be granted only under specific written agreement. Late payment of fees is not allowed, and any late payment of fees will attract a penalty of 8% of the remaining fee balance.


In the case of payment for courses, fees may be paid for the entire module or per term or in instalment as detailed below.

All newly admitted students will be required to pay the administration fee together with the tuition fee ( the total fee is exclusive of national examination fees). In case of national examinations fee, fees will be paid as advised in each case.

Accommodation available in Naivasha Campus

Accommodation is available at a of fee: Kshs.42,000 per term (3 months) payable in two instalments of Kshs.32,000 for the first 2 months and Kshs. 10,000 for the last third month. This fee is inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

One module takes three terms, and one term takes three months.


Zyara School of Hospitality is registered and accredited by Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC). The national examination fee will be charged based on the fees charged by the examining body, but may be subject to an administrative supplement.


All fees payments must be made into the ZSH bank account (by cash deposit,or mobile money transfer) as advised on the invoice. As a rule, ZSH does not accept cheques or cash payments at its premises. In case of direct payment to the bank account, the student’s name and admission number must clearly be indicated on the bank ‘’Pay-in Slip’’


Zyara School of Hospitality does not grant refunds to students whose courses are terminated prematurely without strong reasons. ZSH will grant refunds only for course termination on exceptionally strong grounds satisfactory to ZSH such as serious injury,illness, bereavement (that are of such serious nature that militate against any continuation of training within a year)

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