Delicious Dishes you Should try on short holidays

Delicious Dishes you Should try on short holidays

When a holiday falls in between working days and all you want is to relax and binge on a few movies, do not bore yourself with the same ol’ food, make it interesting and still affordable and have fun!

Below are a few ideas to spice up your dish;


This plain-looking plate of white can be manipulated countless times to create a finger-licking dish. With the right spices, meat or sausage, and sauce, spaghetti can be your favorite dish.


Scrambled, boiled, omelette and eggs on rice are a cliche. Try egg fingers and you will never watch movies with popcorn again.


These can be boiled, fried, dipped in eggs, but ever considered seasoning it with a nice mixture of spices? Just be careful not to eat your fingers.


Lets make bread interesting again guys! Make it extra by using a variety of available spices and enjoy your bread sticks/rolls.

Make this holiday fun and tasty with the above stress-free snacks so you stay energetic enough to go back to work.

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