Creative and cost-effective restaurant deco that is sure to leave a lasting impression

Creative and cost-effective restaurant deco that is sure to leave a lasting impression

There may be nothing as therapeutic as a fine dining experience. Culinary sophistication and high standards make for a memorable time for anyone in a restaurant.

A lot of time and money goes into making these spaces perfect for good food and conversation. This has proved great success as it has lured a large number of guests. Interiors serve as good inspiration for restaurants and they can be extravagant for purposes of making a statement, but this shouldn’t scare you. There are more affordable but elegant deco you can incorporate that works wonders.

These include;


Art speaks to people. It can easily define mood and this can set off or interest guests, so it is paramount that it speaks on the nature of your restaurant. Fine dining deserves fine art and though it might be quite costly, it will go a long way in determining the success or failure of your restaurant.

Kenyan restaurants have made a point of supporting Kenyan artists with art rich in culture, promoting our beautiful culture and roots. Other restaurants will go for foreign art by famous artists, depends on what one wants to promote.


These are not only beautiful, but can serve for a great romantic set-up. With the right amount of light, lanterns can be the perfect incorporation in a restaurant. They set the right mood especially for lovers, they give a feel of floating light and are never too much. The more, the beautiful.


Restaurants with a generation of ownership will sometimes prefer to hang portraits of the previous family members who managed the restaurants from the different generations. Others will prefer to hang portraits of famous pace-setters, great leaders and the like. These may be in form of framed drawings or photographs.

This kind of deco gives guests something to think about, they are a source of entertainment in their own right and they keep the walls busy. Plain walls can be boring.


With the right combination of colors, sheers can be great for the eye. Restaurants have made sheers their theme colors, instead of wall colors. The walls may be plain, maybe just one color, and the sheers define the restaurants with the colors desired.

This idea is one of the most cost-effective because sheers are relatively inexpensive.


Now these qualify as statement pieces. They define the restaurant as luxurious and this is a good thing. Investing in large unique chandeliers will overshadow any cons in your restaurant. They are not only attractive, they bring out the beauty of a restaurant and give an illusion of space and comfort, they are also romantic with the right amount of light.


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