Catering to Millennials as a Hospitality Trend

Every year new trends emerge within the hospitality industry. They require hotels to adapt and update their offering.

One way that has worked perfectly is marketing through social media, and while it has worked on the corporate level, millenials have proven it can work better if used socially. The youth are tech savvy, and have made social media a platform that works for them.

The hospitality industry has not been left behind. They are cleverly using millenials to gather large social media following and fill their restaurants to the brim.

Hotels were known to be for the affluent; people who would afford the luxuries and the finest life a 5 star hotel can offer. Therefore, you would see the same clients walk in and out of these luxury hotels, but new clients were very few and rare due to stiff competition as the rise of 5 star hotels in Kenya continued.

With this trend, hotels had to come up with new ways to survive. Catering to millenials means that they now define their strategies based on the demographic groups and personality traits. Within these large 5 star hotels, restaurants have come up, with a youthful setting, a more exciting menu and with reasonable pricing.

This has managed to attract youths from all over Kenya who easily adapt to change and are always trend setters. Having a huge social media following means they actively promote the restaurant through their various social media channels, IF they are impressed with all it has to offer.

The youth makes up approximately 70% of the population, and when that market is tapped, the hotel industry is bound to succeed. The youth also travels a lot, love personalized interactions and are spontaneous. They are the future and the sure success of the hospitality industry.



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